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Dear visitor , welcome to my photo page


On this website you will find an interest of mine which has kept me busy over the last
fourty years. Please visit the other pages to read something about myself and of course
to see the small collection of photographs I have taken over the last years.

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you want to use my photos.
If necessary I can deliver a high resolution copy


Open the door (be carefull) and Enjoy !       Cees Roele , Photographer


              Overview of latest updates :

20.02.2009 New chapters, like Favorites II, Rotterdam and Utrecht City Album's and Zuiderzee Museum Album have been added to my website.
10.03.2009 A Contact Form Page has been added. Please send me your comments and/or questions.
15.05.2009 New interesting links are now available


 Last updated : 15.05.2009                                                                 Copyright(c) 2009 CR PhotoGraphy

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